Virginia Solar Energy Revenue Share Inventory

In 2020, Virginia passed legislation to offers localities two options to generate revenues from utility-scale solar and energy storage systems. As described in the Code of Virginia section 58.1-3660, the default option is to levy a Machinery and Tools (M&T)/Real Estate tax on capital investments in solar generation facilities. Alternatively, a locality may adopt an ordinance to replace the M&T/Real Estate tax with a Revenue Share arrangement. Under the Revenue Share model, localities receive income from solar facilities at a flat rate in dollars of up to $1400 per megawatt of generation capacity per year.

Calculating the possible revenue that could be realized under each model is not trivial; to learn more about these options please visit our SolTax Tool page. The table below provides an interactive tool to explore and compare various revenue share ordinances that have been adopted to-date, as permitted by the Code of Virginia Section 58.1-2636. This inventory was generated by results of the Virginia Solar Survey 2021 and research completed by Weldon Cooper Center staff. If you have an adopted revenue ordinances to add, please email the Weldon Cooper Center at the contact information found at the bottom of this page.

Locality Date Adopted Rate Adopted ($/MW) Link to Ordinance Other Relevant Links
Buckingham County 10/12/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance
Charlotte County 2/8/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance
Cumberland County 9/14/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance
Greensville County 12/21/2020 1400 Link to Ordinance Greensville County December 21, 2020 Borad of Supervisors Minutes
Lancaster County 6/24/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance Lancaster County June 24, 2021 Board of Supervisors Minutes
Lunenburg County 6/10/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance
Mecklenburg County 12/14/2020 1400 Link to Ordinance
Middlesex County 12/7/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance
Prince Edward County 10/12/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance
Richmond County 8/13/2020 1400 Link to Ordinance Richmond County August 13, 2020 Board of Supervisors Minutes
Westmoreland County 1/11/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance Westmoreland County January 11, 2021 Board of Supervisors Minutes
Wise County 10/1/2021 1400 Link to Ordinance